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The New Standard In Sauna Design:

Handcrafted, Simply Assembled

A New Standard In Sauna Design:

Handcrafted, Simply Assembled

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At SISU, we believe in empowering our community with the knowledge to maximize their sauna experience. From breaking down emerging research supporting health benefits to mastering proper usage and maintenance, we pride ourselves on sharing the latest information on Sauna Education.

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SISU (see-su) is more than a word. It's our entire philosophy. Our tribe stands for determination, courage, bravery, tenacity, & grit. SISU helps to confront common obstacles and becomes a catalyst for leading a healthy and active lifestyle.


Worldwide manufacturer and distributor of gym and strength training equipment. Supplier to CrossFit gyms and sponsor of the CrossFit games and athletes. Organizer of the Rogue Invitational competition.

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Let's Stay Connected