What is the Edwin Barrel?

The Marriage of Simplicity & Craftsmanship

A traditional barrel sauna experience that is aesthetically attractive, wildly functional, cost-effective, and built with top level craftsmanship.

Learn About The Science

Why the Edwin Barrel?

Made in Ohio by Finn American & Amish Craftsmen

The Edwin Barrel is a handcrafted 6' x 7' western red cedar barrel sauna experience that you can enjoy for yourself or with friends. We've included all the accessories, and heater into one cost-effective package. With payment installment options, quick shipping (3-4 weeks), and its functionally efficient barrel shape, the Edwin Barrel is the epitome of simplicity and value.

Why Traditional Sauna Therapy?

Improves Cardiovascular & Cognitive Health

Traditional sauna heat exposure increases the heart rate to levels that mimic moderate to vigorous aerobic exercise. After sauna use, bathers typically experience heart rates and blood pressure levels that are lower than what was measured pre-sauna.  Additionally, sauna use combats depression and anxiety.

Why Traditional Sauna Therapy?

Improves Recovery & Athletic Performance

Traditional sauna heat exposure expedites the recovery process by shortening the window needed to recover.  Additionally, due to enhance red blood cell count and plasma volume, improvements in endurance are seen quickly. Heat exposure also helps maintain muscle mass and sustains mitochondrial function. 

Why Traditional Sauna Therapy?

Metabolic & Detoxification Benefits

Sweating facilitates the excretion of toxins that are present in the muscle, fat, and organs.  Most notably, heavy metals, BPA from plastics, and synthetic compounds present in food packaging.  

It also helps regulate insulin levels which impacts the body's ability to break down glucose into energy.