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Contrast Package

Contrast Package

Edwin Barrel w/ HUUM + Ice Barrel

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-The Edwin Barrel is a traditional barrel sauna that provides superior health benefits to your daily lifestyle.

-The Ice Barrel is a cold therapy training tool that offers an easy way to bring ice baths to your routine.
-One All-In-Price 
that includes the Edwin Barrel, Ice Barrel, HUUM heater, and accessories. Gone are the days of too many confusing options & add-ons.

-Using the Edwin Barrel is simple: We've designed the barrel to have a seamless user experience.


Ice Barrel

-Holds 105 gallons of water

-Easy-to-use drainage system

Edwin Barrel

-6' x 7' Western Red Cedar Barrel Sauna

-Seating Up To 6 People

-Easy to Use Heater Systems (Harvia or HUUM)

-Made in Ohio, USA | Finn American & Amish Built

-Quick Ship in 3-4 Weeks

Contrast Package
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SISU Barrel Sauna + ice barrel

An All-Inclusive Contrast Experience & Package

What's Included

-Ice Barrel

-6' diameter Western Red Cedar Barrel Sauna (4' Deep or 7' Deep)

-Seating comfortable for two people (Eddy) or up to six people (Edwin) depending on the desired proximity of the people using the sauna. 

-Pre-cut, milled, western red cedar

-HUUM Drop Electric Heater w/ Wifi Enabled UKU Controller

-Two Cedar Benches

-Tempered Glass Rear Viewing Window

-Front Door w/ Tempered Glass Viewing Window & Stainless Steel Hinges

-Stainless Steel Straps w/ Fasteners & Bolts

-Wall Mount Sand Timer & Theromometer

-Bucket & Ladle

-Instruction & Assembly Manual

What's Expected Of You

-Assembly: (don't worry, we made it easy on you. All you need is a friend & a few hours. The SISU Barrel Sauna was created to make the build-out as simple as possible. All staves are pre-cut and require no additional cutting to make the pieces fit.

***Tools recommended to complete the build out:

(1) level (2) adjustable wrench (3) rubber mallet (4) hammer (5) Phillips head screwdriver bit & drill.

-Electrical connection: Our heating options are ran on a dedicated 240v hardwired line. We recommend contracting an electrician to run the electrical. Estimated costs depending on location: $500-$1,500.

-Flat Resting Surface: We recommend a clear space for the sauna to sit on. Do not rest on grass. Crushed gravel, river rock, cement, wooden deck, and/or pavers would make for good resting surfaces.

Expert Tips

-Start with shorter, warm sessions. Limit your sauna sessions to 10 minutes at first. Benefits of cold water immersion start when you begin to sweat! As you improve your tolerance, increase the temps by turning up the dial and add steam by pouring water over the rocks.

-Pair your sauna sessions with the Ice Barrel. Contrast therapy is one of the best ways to enhance recovery and health.

-Post Workout Recovery. For best results, spend 15-20 minutes post workout at 170F+ to enhance expedite the inflammation process that is placed on the muscle and nervous system.

-Consult with your doctor. Stop if you begin to feel lightheaded, nauseated, weak, or experience other symptoms. If you have pre-existing medical conditions and are unsure if sauna therapy is right for you, please consult your physician.


$600 Flat Rate: Eddy Barrel

$750 Flat Rate: Edwin Barrel

Domestically to All Customers. Ships within 3-4 weeks.

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