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Ice Barrel

Ice Barrel

Cold Therapy Training Tool

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-Ice Barrel is a cold therapy training tool that offers an easy way to bring ice baths to your routine. With a lightweight design and functional features, Ice Barrel is portable, durable, compact, and looks cool!

-Ice Barrel is designed to fit most body types, while also allowing you to sit in an upright position, which allows the body and mind to focus and relax.

Using Ice Barrel is simple: just fill with water and ice, then take a plunge to reach new heights mentally, emotionally, and physically.


Main Features:

-Holds 105 gallons of water

-Easy-to-use drainage system

-42" high by 31" wide opening

-55lbs empty 750lbs when filled with 8gls

-Made in Ohio, USA | recycled materials

-Ships in 3-5 Days.

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What's Included

Ice Barrel includes everything you need for a life changing experience.

What's Included

-Ice Barrel + Lid

-Protective UV Cover

-Barrel Stand

-Step Stool

Expert Tips

-Start with shorter, cool sessions. Limit your ice sessions to 2-5 minutes. Your sessions should never exceed 10 minutes. Benefits of cold water immersion start at 60 degrees! As you improve your tolerance, decrease the temps by adding more ice.

-Pair your ice sessions with the Edwin Barrel Sauna. Contrast therapy is one of the best ways to enhance recovery and health.

-Focus on your breath. For best results and tolerance to the cold water, focus on deep nasal inhale breathes and controlled exhales through the mouth.

-Consult with your doctor. Stop if you begin to feel lightheaded, naseated, weak, or experience other symptoms. Talk with your doctor if you have concerns about if the Ice Barrel is safe for you.


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